The PPSQ is an instrument for determining the amino acid sequences of proteins and peptides, which combines an Edman reaction section with a high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC). There are 2 types: the PPSQ-51A, which is equipped with one reactor, and the PPSQ-53A, which is equipped with three reactors. On the PPSQ-53A, the continuous analysis of the amino acid sequences of multiple samples can be performed one after another. In the Edman reaction section, amino acids are cleaved in order from the N-terminal of a protein by repeatedly performing Edman degradation, and are derivatized. As a result, stable PTH-amino acids are produced. The PTH-amino acids are injected online into the HPLC, and analysis is performed. The HPLC data is saved on the PC, and data processing software is used to process the chromatograms. Then, amino acid sequence estimation software is used to identify the amino acids and estimate the sequences.

Isocratic System

Gradient System

Benefits of using Edman degradation for amino acid sequencing

(1) Guaranteed N-terminal sequence of proteins
(2) No sample pre-treatment required
(3) Differentiation of isobaric amino acids (leucine and isoleucine)
(4) Identification possible even from unknown proteins not registered in databases


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